50 of the most inspirational travel blogs on the internet

For many, travel blogging is the ideal career choice and it’s easy to see why.

Travelling the world, telling people about your experiences online and getting paid to do it seems all a bit too perfect.

Because of that, the common consensus is that it is in no way a viable job option. But, with a lot of hard work and determination, it can be.

I myself was amongst those who thought it could only ever be a pipe dream, but slowly I’m learning more and more about it and am starting to forge myself a path. It’s really bloody exciting as well!

However, as a relative newcomer to the travel blogging game, it took me quite a lot of convincing to give it a go. Fortunately for me, there are more than enough amazing people already doing it from whom I took a boatload of inspiration.

In fact, as a long-time admirer of the world’s travel bloggers and their amazing content, I have developed quite the favourites list on my computer and I decided to share with you the cream of that crop.

SO, without further a do, here are 50 of the most inspirational travel bloggers on the world wide web.

If gazing at this list doesn’t make you want to throw your desk out the office window and book yourself a flight, I’m not sure what will.


1.The Broke Backpacker

This guy was one of the main reasons I started blogging myself. Not only has he been EVERYWHERE, he provides amazing tips on how to travel for cheap. I’ve spent a lot of time flicking through his vast catalogue of pages thinking, “I wish I was doing this”.

Well now I am and my only regret is that I didn’t start sooner.

As well as his travel guides, he has some phenomenal tales from his adventures, including this one about a wild night out in Pakistan.


2. Migrating Miss

The work produced by Migrating Miss provides a brilliant insight into living and working abroad.

Her expat interviews and living abroad archives are excellent windows into the lives of those living in foreign lands.

Her travel tales and travel resources are superb sources of handy hints and tips for any would-be adventurers.


3. Where Am I to?

Where am I to – ran by a guy called Joe – is a brilliant insight into the life of a guy who lives almost completely on the hoof.

I actually used to live above him in an apartment block in China, which is how I came by his work and he encouraged me to stick with my blogging.

His page is currently being chopped and changed a bit and he’s trying to create a community for people starting out with blogging to be given a platform.

His posts from China are funny, cleverly written and well worth reading through.


4. A Pair of Passports

I love reading couples’ travel blogs. This may be because I do most of my travelling with my girlfriend and I get a lot of good ideas from them, but I also think it demonstrates that this is something that you can do happily with someone else.

This blog is full of great ideas and advice, like this post on how to plan a road trip.

Their wine trips are also wonderful!


5. Gypsy Couple

Sometimes it’s good to look at something a bit different than what you’re used to.

With many blogs nowadays focussing exclusively on budget travel and often really helpful, some more luxurious travel options are always worth a glance.

This piece on luxury hotels in India is an insight into how the other half live. And it makes me extraordinarily jealous.

I’m also a huge fan of this post about some of Europe’s best vegetarian food.


6. Miss Maps

Miss Maps is a lady on a mission – to visit every single country in the world. And she’s giving it a real go!

So far her tally has reached 72 and it’s great watching it go up and up.

Needless to say she’s racked up a vast wealth of tremendously helpful travel advice and her photographs of people around the world are amazing.

Her article about dating girls who travel makes me feel lucky that I’m with someone who’s happy to come everywhere with me.


7. The Wayfarer’s Book 

The Wayfarer’s book is beautiful to look at and the content inside is just as pleasant.

Some blogs are difficult to navigate, but I know if I visit this page, I will soon be able to find what I’m looking for – and I regularly do.

Her posts from Cuba are as fascinating as they are helpful as are her various posts from all over Europe.

Her 30 countries in 30 years article is a succinct list of extraordinary places that she has been and that I now want to visit.


8. The Wandering Wanderlusters

These guys have a staggering amount of experience and their knowledge really shows in their work.

I wish I’d found these guys sooner, particularly because of this guide to travelling around Myanmar. Everyone who’s experienced the trains there will also wish they had found this handy guide too.

This blog has something for everyone wanting to go on a journey as their advice covers all budgets, including some amazing luxury reviews.


9. Unusual Traveler

This guy has racked up some serious mileage in some of the world’s more unique and interesting places and has taken some stunning photos of them as well.

His North Korea travel guide is particularly interesting and is something that not many others will have on their pages.

Bhutan and Nagorno-Karabakh are also particularly fascinating.


10. Tongue In Chic

Not exclusively a travel blog, but a blog with a terrific travel section.

Particularly inspirational is her post about solo travelling, something many people are uneasy about doing.

I have felt this trepidation before, so it’s great to see people out there encouraging others to travel alone and to help them get past that.

Earlier this year she went to Jordan and it was a great blog to keep updated with.


11. Savored Journeys

Travel and food go hand in hand and so luckily this blog exists because it shares the best of those two wonderful worlds.

With a comprehensive food & wine list from an impressive amount of destinations, there’s plenty of inspiration to be had for both travellers and foodies.

This guide to food in Mexico City is particularly mouth watering.


12. Wanderlust Chloe

Chloe is someone truly living the dream. She left a job she found stressful, went travelling and … that’s about it. She hasn’t stopped since.

She’s been a Top 10 UK travel blogger before and it’s easy to see why.

This blog from Costa Rica combines great story telling, amazing photos and hints for any visitors.

So does this one from Latvia, complete with short, informative videos.

And this one from Brazil.

Okay, they all do.

She also has a great food section, which is always a massive delicious bonus.


13. Escaping Life

This blog has so much cool stuff on it, but the highlight is this Everest log detailing a fascinating time spent trekking through one of the world’s most scintillating landscapes.

I’m also a huge fan of this inspiration page which highlights that travel blogging can be for anyone and that anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it.


14. Two Drifters 

One of many blogs being run by a couple of digital nomad couple that really highlights the fact that just anyone with enough will and determination can do this!

This travelling couple met each other whilst adventuring and now they are on the road together and earning a living doing it.

Their travel inspiration page is glorious enough to make you want to storm right out the office and straight to the airport and their couples advice is great for any would be travelling partners.


15.Eternal Arrival

I love this page – the image on the home screen is so enticing and the rest of the content is great too.

One of those bloggers whose advice really breaks down into easy to understand terms how the whole process works.

There’s so many people out there reading through travel blogs, seeing pictures and hearing amazing stories and wondering how it’s possible to do it. Those people should read through this amazing lady’s pages and give it a go for themselves.

Her posts from Albania are a particular favourite.


16. Nomadic Matt

Matt’s blog is great for anyone starting out in this game. The first thing you see when you open it up is a pledge to help you save money and a list of reputable people who have shared his work before, including the Guardian, Time, CNN and the BBC who described his site as “the bible of budget travel.”

His tips on how to travel the world for cheap are really handy and helpful.

He also gets heaps of style points for his blog. So aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

This guide to Vanuatu is a personal highlight.


17. Foodie Flashpacker

More foodie travel from the foodie flashpacker, which is something that there can never be enough of. Ever.

However, despite food being a major part of this blog, the travel elements are spot on as well.

This guide to Pico Island more than covers the travel aspects of the adventure, with some amazing photos as well.

The foodie flashpacker, or Nathan as he’s also known, isn’t afraid to try anything – this walking guide to Hong Kong provides testament to that. Snake soup, anyone?


18. The Endless Adventure

This blog has so much going for it that it’s impossible to not find something either useful or enjoyable on it.

They have heaps of advice on budget travel as well as a great vlog with some stunning camera work so you can follow their adventures.

They also have some brilliant SEO tips which can help new bloggers get the best out of their work.

I honestly can’t rate this blog highly enough.


19. Not a Nomad Blog

The photos on this blog are beautiful, as are the photography tips. Whilst I centre heavily on photos in my own blog, I am still something of an amateur so I am delighted when I find people who can help me improve.

This blog from Japan is particularly beautiful and makes me excited about returning there next year.

Additionally, the guides are unique and extremely well thought through. This guide to Berlin makes me think about how much more I could’ve done there and why I need to go back.


    20. Nomadic Chica

Written by a Chilean lady called Gloria with an infectious passion for adventure and a unique way of writing.

Thailand must be one of the most blogged about countries in the world, but her Thailand posts page is still bursting with fresh ideas and new insights.

Her guide to staying healthy on the road is also definitely worth a read for travellers on longer journeys.


21. MVMT Blog

These two sisters are masters of travelling cheaply and quickly. Their 24 hour guides are fantastic for those of us travelling with time constraints.

What’s more, they’re showing how to travel as much as possible even when you’re working or studying full time.

Their trips look like so much fun and I’d love to join them for an adventure or two. This journey through Bolivia looks amazing!


22. The Trekking Cat

This blog is so jam-packed with tips and hacks, it’s difficult to know which advice to take first.

And all of it is top notch as well.

This massive page full of hacks is essential for any would-be adventurer.

She’s also produced a lot of great advice for gluten/wheat free travellers, which is terrific as there’s not many people doing that, despite the growing need.


23. Om to the World

I first discovered this blog when I was searching for helpful travel apps earlier last month.

The 12 best travel apps article was exactly what I needed and I discovered a treasure trove of other exciting and useful information as well.

The blog is written and ran by 26 year old Egyptian Omniya Fareed who’s been spending the last four years on the road and sharing her experiences with us.

She’s also a keen photographer, meaning that you don’t only get handy guides, you also get amazing photos as well. This guide to Korea combines the two wonderfully.


24. Learning Escapes

A lot of my friends now have children and many of them tell me how they would love to travel, but that it’s too difficult.

This blog is for them! The learning escapes team consists of four, two of whom are still mere tykes. Yet that hasn’t stopped them from exploring the world together and their guides, like this one for Seville, show how you can explore the world with your little ones in tow.

They also have some great content from their pre-parenthood days, including these posts from Japan which I shall be perusing in the build up to my trip there next year.


25. The Lost Girl’s Guide to Finding the World

The lost girl’s guide is the brainchild of Ashlyn and it’s an extremely well developed hub of information for over 50 countries.

Ashlyn also packs it full of brilliant hints and tips, revealing how she’s managed to rack up so many miles in a relatively short space of time.

She’s learnt a lot about herself and is very candid about her experiences, which can be incredibly useful and comforting to know that the best of us have had these tough experiences. Her 29 life lessons from 29 years provides the best of her wisdom.


26. Voyager

This self-proclaimed one-stop place for information and stories about travel destinations, food and culture as well as travel tips does exactly what it says on the tin, and with great panache!

There’s so much cool stuff on this blog, you can easily find yourself lost on there for hours.

I myself recently had an in-depth search into their Asia articles, all of which are incredibly detailed, funny and helpful.

Their photo gallery is also incredibly enticing.


27. Our Life, Our Travel

Anyone who takes a stuffed animal around the world with them for the sake of novelty photographs is a winner in my book, but when that’s combined with a wealth of terrific and varied information, you know you’re really onto a winner.

They have a superb section about getting inspired and why more people should give the digital nomad lifestyle a chance, which is wonderfully inspiring in itself.


28. 7 Continents, 1 Passport

The variation and quality of content make this blog a perfect one for any would-be travellers.

From tips to parking at airports to visually stimulating videos from all over the place, this blog appears to have everything you could ever want to get inspired for your next adventure.

The my adventures section is particularly envy-inducing.


29.  Anita Hendrieka

Just a few days ago, Anita published this amazing list of 7 different ways to make money travel blogging and it is supremely helpful for anyone wondering how to get involved.

Anita’s blog perfectly combines advice for bloggers with guides and tips for travellers for all ages, purposes and budgets.

It’s basically an amazing, all-encompassing masterpiece of a travel website, and what makes it better is she’s been to an impressive amount of places that there’s no shortage of content.

Her Asia guides are quite simply terrific.

Definitely one for the bookmarks tab.


30. Globe Mad

The sheer enthusiasm from Emma and Pete – the creators of Globe Mad – is so infectious that one easily gets caught up in their adventures.

This story about being shipwrecked and stranded off the coast of Panama is completely ridiculous and well worth a read, as is pretty much every other page on their site.

Their first time backpacking section is also well worth a glance for any novice adventurers looking to explore for the first time.

The rest of their epic adventures serve as brilliant inspiration for anyone looking for something unique from their travels.


31. Exploring Kiwis

Sarah and Nathan, the exploring Kiwis, have built up a vast expanse of knowledge through their travels and all is laid out wonderfully in this blog.

They have information on all sorts of travel in their strive to provide info and tips to anyone looking to get on the road.

They have a really fascinating guide to living and teaching in the middle east specifically for women, which is a subject I know a lot of people do have concerns about.

Their sightseeing guides are excellently thought out and easy to follow and their expat life content provides a great insight into living in the UAE.

All in all, a terrific blog.


32. Two Scots Abroad

Two Scots abroad is a slightly misleading title because, whilst they have covered some miles, their homeland expertise is definitely one of the highlights of their blog.

Their tour of the isle of Skye is sensational and, as a Brit, makes me appreciate the options closer to home.

Very capable with a camera and very enthusiastic travellers, Craig and Gemma produce consistently fine content on their website, enough to inspire anyone looking for an adventure.

Furthermore, these two are both in full-time employment, which demonstrates that it is possible to explore the world and work alongside it.

Their blog has so many interesting ideas and I absolutely love their overheard whilst travelling feature.


33. #Ljojlo

LJO & JLO have been featured in a boat load of publications and websites off the back of their blog and a quick glance at their site is enough to see why.

The self-proclaimed ultimate in couples travel covers a multitude of destinations, budgets and tips, including this handy guide to travel gadgets.

Their friends also help them out with their content too, meaning they provide a great platform for other bloggers, which is to be admired.


34. Maria Abroad

This blog has every single aspect of long term travel covered and it is beautifully presented as well.

It even has a wonderful section tackling the difficult issue of languages, which can be a hassle for English people like myself whose modern foreign language lessons at school were absolutely terrible.

The photo essays, like this one from Sosua Beach, Dominican Republic, are truly magnificent, as is the book corner.

So much original and interesting content on this blog, it’s a triumph!


35. Like Riding a Bicycle

It seems to take a certain kind of person to be a travel blogger and Danie, who describes herself as ‘semi-crazy, very weird and random chick’, seems to fit the bill perfectly.

Her video blogs are engaging and entertaining, as well as informative and her guide to earning money online covers all bases – including some you may very well not have contemplated before.

Her hitchhiking tips are extremely helpful too. This blog is tremendously original and I love paying it a visit.


36. Happily Ever Adventures

Liebster award nominated Bassam and Lena have put together a tidy collection of content here on their blog with some unique and interesting insights.

Their foodie guides look delicious and their lifestyle tips could help you to grow your online presence.

Their dating tips provide something new to a travel blog that I’ve not really seen elsewhere, that will inspire those of us who travel as a duo to try new things whilst travelling together.


37. Europe Diaries

As someone from England, I often don’t realise how inaccessible  and different Europe is for some people. This blog, written by an Indian lady called Menorca, details what life is like for someone from a different culture experiencing life in Europe and it makes for fascinating reading.

Her expat life guide is great to leaf through, in particular her list of things she’s asked as an Indian.

This blog is more than just culturally interesting, however. Menorca’s travel tips are up there with the best of them.


38. Paper Planes & Caramel Waffles

It’s great to see a fellow northern English blogger travelling about and Emma from Leeds is a very talented blogger indeed.

Her Nepal content is exceptionally good and I’ve also got a soft spot for her terrific Yorkshire archives.

Her hotel and hostel reviews are well worth a read when planning an adventure too.


39. She Gets Around

Visit Denmark’s blogger of the year 2013 has been on some adventures in her time and as a result has a stack of handy advice and tips which you should all definitely read. This one about preparing for an early morning flight is rather nifty as its a problem every adventurer will come across at some point in their life.

Her top ten travel experiences are awesome enough to fill one with envy and her reading section adds a nice personal touch to her site.


40. Sher She Goes

This blog produced by a ‘self-taught photographer with a serious case of wanderlust’ is an eye-catching addition to the world of travel blogging, with a hefty dose of fashion thrown in on the side.

Her guides are accompanied by stunning photos that demonstrate she has taught herself to use her camera extremely well. The guides themselves offer brilliant advice like this one detailing the best hotel offers.

It’s also fascinating reading about her life in NYC in this all-encompassing, interesting website.


41. Anna Everywhere

The name describes the blog perfectly. It’s written by Anna and she’s been everywhere.

Well, not quite, but she’s giving it a thoroughly good go.

And whilst she’s doing it she’s passing her experiences on to us through this fascinating insight into the life of a solo female traveller.

Her guide to living and travelling in Mexico is brilliant and, like all her guides, the information is laid out clearly and succinctly for your convenience.

Furthermore, her photography tips are ace, especially for those of us who like a good snap of ourselves to show family and friends, but struggle to get one because we’re travelling alone. This guide is perfect for those people.


42. HappyNFull

Happy ‘n’ full offers ‘budget travel guides and tips from a globe-trotting digital nomad’. Perfect. I want travel tips from those with experience and I can’t afford to stay in 5* hotels everywhere, so this blog is pretty much custom made for my purposes.

Furthermore, the guides themselves are very well written, like this budget guide to Paris for instance.

This article about random acts of kindness made for pleasant reading and restored my faith in the goodness of mankind.


43. Gamin Traveler

In recent years listicles have become one of the most popular ways to write about travelling and Gamin Traveler have some exceptionally good ones.

27 hidden gems in Asia is to the point, very well researched and most importantly, inspiring.

So too is their Top 50 most visited travel blogs, where once you’ve finished with all the blogs on this list, you can indulge in 50 more to get yourself even further inspired to set sail on the adventure of a lifetime.


44. Television of Nomads

I love comparing other bloggers’ coverage of a destination with my own and Television of Nomads recently visited Sedlec Ossuary in the Czech Republic.

Their blog is so well written and provides fascinating facts about the place. I probably learnt more reading it than I did from the actual place.

They also have some brilliant tips about camera gear for photo-enthusiasts like myself.


45. Emma Eats & Explores

The title is self-explanatory, but Emma doesn’t only eat on her travels, she collects recipes and lovingly shares them with her followers which is a fantastic addition to any foodie travel blog.

Her travels all centre very heavily around food and her healthy lifestyle, which seems to fuel her infectious passion for adventure.

I look forward to reading more of her restaurant reviews and recipes in the future.


46. Emily Luxton

Emily’s a traveller with a unique outlook on travelling.

Whilst a lot of people spend their time counting the countries, Emily believes the quality of the adventure is more important.

Judging by her content, she’s had some amazing experiences.

Her blog is award-winning and it’s easy to see why. There’s so much here for travellers to find that and her photography is awe-inspiring too.

I whole-heartedly recommend giving it a follow.


47. World Travel Family

The world travel family are pretty unique and really interesting to read about.

They are a family of four who decided to give up their jobs for a life of adventure, using the world as a classroom to teach their children.

Their destination list boasts an impressive number of locations, from which I imagine the two children in tow will be learning an awful lot.

There will be some people who have their objections to this kind of parenting, I’m sure, but travel broadens a mind like nothing else so I imagine these kids will be learning more than enough.


48. The Full Time Tourist

At the tender age of 21, Deni Verklan has started early with her work and she’s already creating some brilliant travel content.

She’s another blogger who has a load of recipes on her site too, all of which look totally delicious.

From a travel side of things her info on destinations around the US and Canada is really in depth and interesting to read. I very much look forward to this blog developing as she ventures further afield.


49. Jet-Settera

There is something for everyone on this blog and it’s clear that its creator, Barbara Wagner, has put a lot of time and effort into making it the terrific site that it is.

Art aficionados, sports connoisseurs and of course travel enthusiasts are well catered for here in this blog that adds so much more to the subject of adventure.


50. Fotostrasse

Last on my list, but by absolutely no means least is Fotostrasse.

Photographing the world is something I know many photographers are keen on doing and the photography tips on this blog will certainly help to capture some stunning photos.

In terms of travel tips, the amazing guides to (and photos of) Berlin provide so much information for the German capital, one could spend a year following it all and still not see all the recommended spots.

Some other more general, yet nonetheless helpful hints can be found in their travel tips section.

This blog is very original, yet is full of content that many will find extremely useful.




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