The traveller’s Christmas list

Christmas is one month away and all around the world people are asking others what gifts they would like to receive.

For a travel enthusiast, it’s an opportunity to add to the stockpile of items that make life on the road that little bit easiest.

SO, I asked some of the best travel bloggers around what they were asking Santa Claus for this year.

  1. HappyNFull published this travel gifts guide earlier and there’s some great stuff on there, but the lady herself Emily said out of that selection the FUJIFILM Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera bundle was top of her list. This camera is tiny and lightweight so it allows you to scrapbook your adventures on the go without being burdened by clunky equipment. It’s great for those who like physical copies of their memories. fujiinstax
  2. Lia & Jeremy from Practical Wanderlust offered their wish of a good lightweight carry-on suitcase that they could avoid extra baggage fees with.
    Affordable ones can be picked up from Primark of all places in the UK, in the shape of their ultra light IT Luggage

    Also on their list were shampoo and conditioner bars from Lush, which are terrific space saving options that offer longevity as well as practicality.


    The practicalities associated with these bars far extends beyond their size. They can wash clothing, which saves on pricey laundrette bills, lemon-scented ones can act as natural mosquito repellents and they are (mostly) vegan friendly, which is terrific news if you’re that way inclined.

  3. Everyone depends on the internet for a lot of things nowadays, particularly travellers. Whether it’s for working remotely, or just for keeping in touch, the internet is an unparalleled means of staying connected with the rest of the world. Travel Moments added an international pocket wifi router to their list, allowing them to stay connected all the time.
    However, as can be seen with this TEP pocket router, they don’t come cheap.
    But sometimes it’s worth splashing a pretty penny or two to chat to a loved one.tep
  4. When planning a trip, it’s easy to forget how much it all costs. Once you’ve booked your flights, you can’t just relax and think the spending’s done, because there’s a lot more to be considered. On top of spending money, accommodation, visas etc there’s insurance, which is pretty important, but can often feel like very little for a lot of money. Especially when most of the time it’s never actually used.
    It’s never a good idea to go without, though and Miss Maps suggested travel insurance as a perfect addition to the traveller’s Christmas list.Price comparison sites are probably the best place to get travel insurance, but STA offer very competitive prices for long-term adventures.


  5. Airline baggage allowances mean it’s sometimes difficult to take everything you need with you.
    But sometimes when you’re having an amazing experience and you see the perfect souvenir to take home with you to remind you of your journey, you’re not always thinking about airline regulations. Therefore Inguaribile Viaggiatore has requested a portable luggage scale with tape measure gets added to the list, to make sure he can always check how much he is carrying and never have to leave those amazing, yet heavy memories behind. The G-Force portable luggage scale comes with a free tape measure and is very affordable.scale
  6. The thrifty travellers out there will be aware of the fact that flights are often cheaper if they have longer layovers. This results in a lot of time spent sitting about in airports, where everything is more expensive and there’s little in the way of comfort.
    Because of this, World In My Pocket has suggested that an airport lounge pass would be a wonderful token of luxury to treat a traveller with this offers affordable passes for airport lounges across the world, and would definitely be a welcome gift for anyone who has a lengthy airport stop in their future schedules.


  7. Waiting at airports is awful. No one enjoys it, and when you’ve just peeled yourself out of the aeroplane seat you’ve been squashed into, that last thing you want is the hassle of border security.
    Selected airports have started running the Global Entry programme, which allows swift entry through customs for pre-approved, low risk travellers.
    Pages of Travel have listed this as their top gift this year and it’s a great idea. Prices are in the region of $100 for five years on the programme, which is a price worth paying.globalentry

    8. Music is an essential part of any journey and choosing a soundtrack can often be an integral of planning a trip. That’s why Gypsy Couple have asked for some noise cancelling headphones this year, to provide their travels with a crisp, high quality soundtrack, without any outside noise spilling over.

    The Sony MDR-ZX110NA headphones are available on Amazon for Just £29.99, which is a relative bargain for their quality.


    9. Taking photos is the perfect way to keep memories from your travels and there are so many different cameras now, it’s difficult to know which one is best.

    The Travel Sisters want a lightweight tripod this year to help them with their night time photos. Manfrotto offer a great range of pods that are lightweight and very compact. They’re slightly pricier than others, but they are worth spending a bit extra on.


    The Savvy Globetrotter‘s – whose Christmas gift ideas can be seen here – has suggested a mirrorless camera as an ideal solution to carrying around a clunky DSLR and I have to say I agree with that.

    I recently invested in a Lumix GH4 and the results have been great, especially with the crisp 4K video it offers. These are pricey gadgets, but in the long run they are well worth the investment.


    Two Scots Abroad have pitched in with their wish for a drone – something on my own personal Christmas list this year – and the Lily camera is a personal favourite of mine.

    It looks amazing and so simple to use, but comes with a scary pricetag.

    The results it produces, however, speak for themselves…

Additionally, great results can be gained from the GoPro Hero4, which Interlude Journey has on his list, and its easy to see why.

They’re compact, durable and produce excellent quality content. Since they first came out, GoPros have revolutionised video content and they continue to do so, as their small and simple cameras get better and better with each new model.

What’s more, the Hero 5 is out now, which means that the Hero 4 will be a little bit cheaper, but will still be capable of producing wonderfully crisp content.


10. Finally, my own recommendation for a gift this year is this remarkable pair of underpants.

These briefs come with a disgusting stain inside of them that makes them look horrendous and unappealing. On the front of them is a secret pocket big enough  to fit money, passports and smaller gadgets.

The idea is to stash your valuables in these gruesome looking pants, to keep any would-be thieves away from them, and I can imagine it working. What kind of robber is going to go straight for the skid-marked underwear?  Genius!

These may take a bit of explaining on Christmas morning, but in the long run, it could well turn out to be a great item.

So there it is, the items currently being asked for by travel enthusiasts this Christmas.

I hope you all end up getting what you want and that 2017 brings you lots of exciting new experiences.

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