United Kingdom

Most people think their own country is boring. It’s just the way we’re programmed, to always assume that somewhere else is more fun than where we are.

I used to think this way about the UK. It’s tiny, it always rains and very little happens here.

However, my girlfriend is a total culture vulture and over the past few years has dragged me to some of the UK’s best and most intriguing sights and it’s somewhat changed my opinion on old Blighty.

All over the country are fascinating and unique areas to be explored and I am pleased to have the chance to experience them on an almost weekly basis.

Below is a selection of snaps from my journeys across my home country, but for an understanding of some of the places I have photographed, I would urge you to step in the direction of Museum Mutterings for a comprehensive cultural glimpse into the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, both Nomads on the Road and Love from Scotland have some photos and articles from the across the UK that should also inspire you to consider a visit, while A Pair of Passports have some great guides to the country to help you decide how best to spend your time here.

Relative experts on the matter are Durhams, whilst Emma from GlobeMad has produced a great guide to one of the north’s best cities, Sheffield.

Emma Eats and Explores has also done some sterling work with this post from the glorious Lake District.

EO Stories, World Inside My Pocket and She Gets Around are also well worth a read.

In fact the sheer weight of content produced on the country is testament to the lure of the UK.

Go out and visit it all now!

Most of the following snaps were taken in the north east of the country (Northumberland/Newcastle), but London, Brighton, the Lake District, Salisbury, Yorkshire and Bath are all featured too.




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  1. emmaeatsandexplores says:

    I really do think that we all get a bit blasé about how fabulous our own countries are!! It’s nice to take a step back sometimes and really appreciate the beauty and wonder of the places we call home!! And the U.K. is pretty spectacular


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