When thinking about Japan, few people think of it as a country of staggering natural beauty.

Sadly, stereotypical ideas of robots, weird food, anime cartoons and temples often cloud peoples’ judgements of a country that has so much more to offer.

I spent a total of six weeks in the land of the rising sun, travelling from Hokkaido in the north to Kagoshima in the south, and what I experienced was a stunning array of different backdrops and vistas, running the gamut from beautiful white wintery landscapes to palm-tree lined beaches complete with generous helpings of eastern spirituality.

For more practical guides to Japan, visit Pages Of Travel’s Japan Archives which are full of handy hints and tips.

Museums Mutterings has some wonderful guides to some of Tokyo’s many museums, while Japan à Trois is worth a glance to hear the tales of three people on an adventure through the country.

As ever, the Broke Backpacker has some magnificent tips as well.

Anyway. These are a select few of the photos I rounded up during my adventure through Japan.

IMG_4029IMG_4034IMG_4179IMG_4289IMG_4313IMG_4331IMG_4361IMG_4365IMG_4386IMG_4502IMG_4507IMG_4515IMG_4517IMG_4550IMG_4590IMG_4661IMG_4698IMG_4768IMG_4784IMG_4820IMG_4852IMG_4876IMG_4943IMG_4999IMG_5145IMG_5338P1020380P1020382P1020387P1020394P1020427P1020436P1020519P1020532P1020539P1020541P1020545P1020550P1020560P1020565Untitled-1 copyUntitled-1Untitled-2Untitled-12IMG_3693IMG_3721IMG_3737IMG_3742IMG_3768IMG_3824IMG_3858IMG_3896IMG_3918IMG_3942mount (1)P1020046P1020049P1020058P1020236P1020344

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